Adding a Second A record. How will Cnames react?

I’m running a server on Hetzner with a static IP. Using CF for DNS.

A Record = server IP @ domain-Com

Cname = app1-domain-com
Cname = app2-domain-com

Some of these are proxied and some aren’t. I can turn that off if needed

Here’s the question. If I’m bringing on a second server for migration, these apps only run on one server.

App1 may be on A record 1 app2 May be on A2. How will CF handle this? Apps should not be on both And I eventually will retire one server

If you currently have the following:

A (your app server)

And you add a second A record:
A 321.321.321.321 (not your app server)

You’re going to get inconsistent behavior because those app1 & app2 requests will randomly go to either A record. Proxy status isn’t going to help here.

You’d be better off switching those CNAME records to A records with the IP address of the app server.

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That makes sense. I was thinking something similar, so thank you for confirming. Also thank you for the quick response

I do have something at the top-level using Traefik.

I’m assuming that I can leave that A record for domain-com and just update it once I move that service

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