Adding a path to a domain

hello, i need help.

i am trying to add a static website to Cloudflare that has the same domain name like this www . example . com

but i want to have a path on it like this www . example . com /this-is-a-path

how can i add paths to a domain. i would like to have the path be hosted on Cloudflare as a static page.

my domain right now is hosted elsewhere.

can i do this on here or does the domain have to be on Cloudflare.

i could also do it on here but prefer to just create the static page on here.

thanks for any help!

The only way to host static content on Cloudflare is with Pages. And that requires control over the whole domain ( is in order to be able to serve the path /this-is-a-path.
If you really need just that path set, then you need to look into using Workers. Maybe something like Workers Sites.

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is there a way to make the pages. just connect to my domain without it being a subdomain? without the workers? thanks for the help too

You probably want a custom domain for it.

is there an option to just make it link to the domain itself?

i thought custom domain isnt the actual domain itself its added things to the domain

You can make a CNAME record as well with the name being @ and the content being <pages project> This will mean will server your pages content.

Make sure there are no current A or CNAME records for the root domain ( and for www, then add both of those to the Pages project under Custom Domains. Create two entries there, one for and one for

thanks for the help someone else also said something similar that appears to be working perfectly! thanks for the help again! have a great one

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