Adding a password to a subdomain

Thanks in advance for any assistance in answering this question.

I want to find out what the steps are to add a password to a subdomain. I don’t even need a login name, just a password if that is possible. If I do require a login, is it possible without authenticating access using email address, but something like “admin” or whatever.

My only goal is to be able to limit access to that subdomain to a very targeted audience, but there are no real security concerns other than that. If someone were to gain access who shouldn’t, no harm no foul. We are a nonprofit and not overly concerned about people stealing this content, just customize a part of our user experience.

I viewed this page (and spent a fair amount of time searching for more detailed information) but these links represent the best information I could find on the topic, and they were not ultimately helpful.

Note, I’m not a developer I’m a tech manager for a small org, so I am trying to figure out if I can easily do this through the Cloudflare interface or we have to pay our developer to do this. Thanks again.

Access isn’t the appropriate solution for this, as it’s a per-seat system. My response in your second link pretty much sums it up.