Adding a new Subdomain under my primary domain

Hi my primary domain uses Cloudflare nameservers. I created a subdomain from my Cpanel it did not work. When I asked my hosting provider, they said I need to create an A record pointing it the same same primary domain IP so that it will work. I did that but still it is not working. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


To create a subdomain, in the DNS tab, you add a record with the name of the subdomain, pointing to your host. They will specify whether it needs to be an A record or CNAME etc. And give you the content of the record.

Thanks for the information. They told to add an A record and gave me the IP. I did that. But when I visited the subdmain its going to a different website, not the original path where the files are located.

Without the actual hostname, we can’t check, but I suspect you’re trying to use HTTPS here when the server isn’t configured for HTTPS on the subdomain. For now, you can try editing that DNS entry so it’s :grey: DNS Only and see if you can get that site working with HTTPS.

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Hi, Many thanks for the information. Yes, with the Gray Cloud it is working after I added a CNAME. But with Organge cloud, it is being redirected some other site. Also how to I activate HTTPS for subdomains as well please? Thanks!

Start by adding SSL for that subdomain at your host, then make sure your SSL/TLS setting here is Full (Strict).

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