Adding a new ingress rule

So I added the cineplex ingress rule to the config.yaml so now I have 4 in total as you can see here

tunnel: *************
credentials-file: /etc/cloudflared/credentials.json
  enabled: false

 - hostname: steelbooks. *************.com
   service: http://steelbooksatbestbuy_website:8000
 - hostname: cineplex. *************.com
   service: http://cineplex_website:8000
 - hostname: nextcloud. *************.com
   service: http://nextcloud_app:80
 - service: http_status:404

I deleted, then re-created the Cloudflare docker container

2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Starting tunnel tunnelID=******
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Version 2022.6.3
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF GOOS: linux, GOVersion: go1.17.1, GoArch: amd64
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Settings: map[cred-file:/etc/cloudflared/credentials.json credentials-file:/etc/cloudflared/credentials.json no-autoupdate:true]
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Generated Connector ID: 24df0373-7f3a-4a30-a251-77829662b742
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Initial protocol quic
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Starting metrics server on
2022/10/28 07:13:53 failed to sufficiently increase receive buffer size (was: 208 kiB, wanted: 2048 kiB, got: 416 kiB). See for details.
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z WRN Your version 2022.6.3 is outdated. We recommend upgrading it to 2022.10.3
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Connection 5******1 registered connIndex=0 ip=X.X.X.X location=SEA
2022-10-28T07:13:53Z INF Connection 5******a registered connIndex=1 ip=X.X.X.X location=YVR
2022-10-28T07:13:54Z INF Connection 7******1 registered connIndex=2 ip=X.X.X.X location=SEA
2022-10-28T07:13:55Z INF Connection 2******e registered connIndex=3 ip=X.X.X.X location=YVR

but, the list of DNS records did not update

Morever, the list of routes under the tunnel in the red box also did not update

And I cannot access it from the web browser

What do I need to do to make Cloudflare recognize the new ingress rule?

When you add a new ingress to a config file, Cloudflare will not update the DNS like using remote managed tunnel. You can either add the DNS record manually or have cloudflared update it docs.

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