Adding a nameserver does not work

I’m trying to add the name servers provided by siteground to a domain corresponding to NS records, and I added them, but they don’t work.

Sadly, that’s not going to work. It shouldn’t even let those records be created, but it does, even though they do nothing.

As per the Cloudflare Registrar terms, you have to use Cloudflare Nameservers with the Registrar. You can transfer out to change, or it looks like you can use an alternative setup with SiteGround and just create A records within Cloudflare, and still benefit from Cloudflare Registrar, DNS and such.

Alternatively, you can point your domain to SiteGround via A record (it can be copied from the same Site Information section under website IP). Once you have it, all you need to do is add the A record here at your domain’s DNS Zone.
How to point my website to SiteGround? - SiteGround KB

There’s someone else on this forum that ran across a very similar situation and SiteGround support replied as well, I would read over that post as well: How to point a domain registered on Cloudflare to Siteground Domain Servers? - #2 by fritex

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