Adding a EU domain to cloudflare

Trying to add a domain with tld .eu, when getting to the “Select a plan for:” selection step and selecting free tier, and clicking Continue. the page re-loads after a few seconds.
when looking at the developer tools response:
i can subscription : {
“success”: false,
“errors”: [
“code”: 1207,
“message”: “Add a core subscription first and try again. The zone does not have an active core subscription.”

any advice how to solve this?
thanks in advance

Were you able to resolve this @abeleaz?

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Let us know if you are still encountering the issue when you try to select the plan type.

I`ve tried chrome and edge browsers and still getting the same:

whenever i select the free plan and press Continue - nothing happens. console shows some failed load resource errors

i added a .com domain and it was ok. seems only the .eu is causing me issues

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I am not able to replicate that with the zone (site/domain) that is showing as Initializing (awaiting for plan type selection) in your account. Can you try from an incognito window if you’re still encountering this @abeleaz?

Hi @abeleaz If you are still seeing the issue in an incognito window, please open a ticket with us, and post the ticket number here for reference, so we can further look into it.
Please make sure to also add a HAR file demonstrating the issue:


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