Adding a domain without scanning the DNS

I am trying to add some domains that have wildcard subdomains. It’s pulling in hundreds of irrelevant subdomains that I really don’t need.
Can’t I just upload my zone file without first having it scan? I don’t want to manually delete all those bogus subdomains one by one.

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Ok , How many DNS Records is it Adding

Adding your Domain to Cloudflare will scan all your DNS Records There is no Other way probably .

It added 200. I deleted the site to try again
My zone file has like around 10 records

Did you get those records like from A to Z? :thinking:
Seems to me like you’ve had an hostname (DNS record) with an wildcard * (apex) at your hosting provider. Modify it at your current hosting/DNS provider, then wait for some time, like few hours, try to re-add your domain again to your Cloudflare account. But, re-check for the current sub-domains if you are using any, add it manually after you remove wildcard record at your hosting provider.

Unfortunately, I do not know the other way around.

yes, that’s what I meant when I said a wildcard domain - *
I will remove it and try again, thanks

I have an idea…
Change the domain’s NS to some invalid value. Say,, wait a bit for it to propagate (5 or 10 min), then try importing it into Cloudflare.

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