Adding a domain to Cloudflare ...step #1 fails

I literally cannot get past step #1 … moving my domain over to Cloudflare. I changed the dns recrods about 2 weeks ago on my current registrar for a few domains, however Cloudflare is not recognizing this. I would assume I can use .ca domains correct? My current registrar is Rebel, I’ve got the transfer codes and everything, but I cannot understand what I am missing so it should be so simple lol. Any suggestions would be fantastic, thanks!

I’m not quite sure which you’re trying to accomplish. Cloudflare registrar doesn’t support .ca domains yet, so there’s no need for a transfer code.

But you don’t need to register your domain here. You just need a working website before you begin the +Add Site process.

What’s the domain?

Hi, I’ve got and at I’ve pointed the dns records over to Cloudflare as instructed, but Cloudflare just isn’t getting past the nameserver check. I apologize, I see that there is no need to actually move the registrar, my bad. Still can’t get the simple dns change to happen though, even though it seems through it’s looking pretty good.

Rebel says their WHOIS server is here:

Their WHOIS server says those two domains aren’t set to use Cloudflare DNS. They are still set to use rebel DNS. You need to update WHOIS at your registrar. NS records in DNS aren’t authoritative.

Dang it, ok. Makes sense. I’ve been debating moving registrars, this will seal the deal, thanks.

If you’re generally happy with your registrar, I wouldn’t use this as an opportunity to change. In fact, I’d wait. Unless you want to do that first, then add to Cloudflare in a week or so once the domain transfer goes through.

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