Adding a domain creates literally a 1000 dns entries

I have a number of domains on Cloudflare and just adding another and for some reasons its adding 1000 a records - the site is working fine and there is no issue on the dns that I can see when I view on central ops or mx tool box
BUT instead of the 4 or 5 records I expect Cloudflare is adding 1000 DNS Records - now it if were a low number I would delete them and configure manually so my question is there a way to remove the large number of DNS Records Cloudflare auto creates ?

The only way to bulk delete DNS records is using Cloudflare’s API.

The 1000 records is typically from a wildcard import.


What @Cyb3r-Jak3 said. Also, I’ve seen some other posts that others with similar issues deleted/readded their zone a time or three until Cloudflare didn’t import erroneous DNS records. But, YMMV though.

Thanks for the replies
I deleted the wildcard DNS entry
Ill try 2 or 3 adds and see if it works

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