Adding a DNS TXT record

Good morning,

I recently performed the task of adding a DNS TKT token and unfortunately, I am receiving reports that the token does not match. Am I doing something wrong here? Under the Name field I put our university web address without the www. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

*Token to be added as a text-record to DNS:*SFMC-gMQU8oBywZijk0zkyo3vbbUN1kGsB258pJ3vOLo-

Are you sure this is the whole string? Can you post a screenshot of the instructions you were given?

Also, what’s the domain?

From what i was told that is the whole string :/. The domain is

Well, that particular record is in place

nslookup -type=txt
Address:     text =


but you also have six other records there. That’s not necessarily an issue, but maybe it’s an issue for them. You best contact your service provider and clarify why they believe they cannot verify it.

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