Adding a DKIM record

Hello. Please help to set up DKIM record. I tried several times but couldn’t. More than a day has passed since the entry was added. Domain -
The mail is working fine. Thanks in advance for your help.

It looks like you have an existing record. What error are you seeing?

Thank you for quick answer.
I tested the email from my site at
And got the error: “We were not able to retrieve your public key.”.

Your test shows that the selector is hosting, which means the DKIM record should be hosting._domainkey, not mail._domainkey.


Thank. Changed the entry. I’ll wait and check.

I checked my mail again. The error has changed.
Maybe I need to configure something on the hosting where my mail is located.

The Signature is what the mail server puts in the message header.

This is beyond Cloudflare’s scope, as the Cloudflare settings are correct. I suggest you contact your mail host for assistance with your DKIM data.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll do it now.

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