Adding a Blogger Blog to my website

My client’s site is I have successfully set it up in Cloudflare, and activated flexible SSL and used a Page Rule to force HTTPS.

For one of the pages on the site I use Blogger that has the custom name of In testing the site, after making the change to Cloudflare and the SSL change, I found that the URL to my Blogger Blog was broken.

I found instructions on how to integrate a Blogger Custom Domain with Cloudflare at a site named HostKarle and a blog post called “How to set up any domain with blogger using Cloudflare”. It told me to delete all DNS items from the Cloudflare DNS page and add 4 A listings and 2 CNAME listings. I’ve added the 6 listings but have not deleted the rest. I’m hesitant because the blog post assumes that the blog is the only item at the website, whereas in my case it is only one of many. So my question is can I safely delete all the items marked with a red X without damaging the functionality of my site? If the answer is that I can delete some of them, which ones are expendable?

Seems to be working now. System won’t let me delete the Post.

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