Adding 2nd URL to active account

How do I add a 2nd URL to my website after I have activated my Cloudflare account?

Just click this button: :wink:


Mark thank you very much for that reply. I’m still a little confused. Do you refer the the “+Add site” button? If so, would that create a new Cloudflare account for me? I have a main URL for my website and a different URL that needs to be redirected to the same website, but first, I think, I have to have Cloudways recognize the 2nd URL?

Maybe I’m headed in the wrong direction.

Wait. you mean URL or a second Domain? I assumed you have and do want to add a second domain like

Am i correct? :thinking:

I have a domain with the URL of that points to my website. I have a different domain with a URL of which will be redirected to and thus the same website. I apologize if I’m mixing up the nomenclature. I opened the Cloudways account with and neglected to add at that time. I would like to add it now.

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