Addidng www DNS record does not work

As a new user I am restricted to posting links which is the main issue in my topic.
I will try my best to explain the problem without posting links

I bought a domain somedomain and I have a record CNAME - somedomain - somepage - PROXIED

and when I navigate to somedomain my website works!

However, I want to navigate to www.somedomain so I tried adding a new DNS record CNAME - www - somepage - PROXIED

and then when I try to navigate to www it gives me error 522.

I tried following this tutorial and it works, but it does redirect www.somedomain to somedomain and www prefix disappears. I want to preserve the www. in front of my domain (I did check Preserve query string , Subpath matching , and Preserve path suffix)

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hi there,

Have a look at this giude to deal with 502 errors.

Apart from that, you may find an A record with the name www pointing to your account’s IP instead of the CNAME record. If there is an A record for www and it’s pointing to a different IP, remove it.

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