Added Website to Transfer Domain, Can I remove Website Now?

I transferred all of my domains from another registrar to Cloudflare and to do that, the process was to first add a website which got the domain in my account, the point DNS to Cloudflare, then begin the transfer process. Well, this morning, none of my websites work. I was worried it was because I thought it might be that Cloudflare thinks that the website is hosted here, but it’s not. All of my sites are elsewhere. I’m still trying to figure out that issue, but my question is, now that all of my domains are registered here at Cloudflare, can I remove/delete the website entry for it in Cloudflare?


When you added each domain as a zone to Cloudflare, did you ensure all DNS records were present and correct?

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Yes, all of them are there, but the entries say “Proxied”. When I disable that, the sites load.