Added vercel site to cloudflare and the unprefixed domain name is now redirecting to www

I added a Vercel site to Cloudflare, the configuration to point it to “website. com” does not work anymore and it is redirecting to “www. website. com”. When it should be the other way around. Im doing all this to access a bucket of images on Cloudflare. Likely that my DNS records are not configured correctly and im not that familiar with how they need to be structured.

DNS records and redirects are completely unrelated. If your apex domain is redirecting to the www subdomain, you must have a redirect configured either in your Cloudflare Dashboard or on your Origin Server.

You can use to check if the redirect is configured in Cloudflare. If not, it must come from your Origin.

Could you also maybe share your domain?

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This is what I’m seeing on Vercel. Whereas before integrating with cloudflare all the configurations were valid.

Will look more into trace as im running into errors when I just add the URL and HTTP GET

Currently, you seem to have proxied, while is unproxied. There is no redirect, but you probably have an incorrect record for your apex domain.

Right now, it looks like your apex domain is configured as a custom domain for your Cloudflare bucket, not for your website. Can you remove the domain from the bucket and create the same CNAME that you have for your www record?

After that, you can add a different subdomain (say, to your bucket.

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Like this?

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Yes, your website is available under as well now.

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Legend, thank you. One step closer to using cloudflare buckets.

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