Added Subdomain in DNS (A record), it's now gone

This morning I created a new DNS record to add a new subdomain for the purposes of cloning my forum and fixing errors while the forum remains live. After adding the DNS I went to the new forum url and it worked fine.
Then it stopped and I looked at the DNS records and the new record I added is gone.

top domain:

From, click on the Audit Log at the top. You should see all account activity, like adding and deleting DNS entries.

Well, it shows that I deleted it–which I did not do. It alos showed a very different ip for me doing the delete.

I’ve been getting emails that my account was accessed from a different ip. These always come just after I have logged in.
I checked and it is my ip.
But I did just notice that it says the browser is mozilla and I use chrome.
I changed my password, but don’t have a mobile phone (yeah, I know that is weird this day and age; I don’t want to be bothered all the time), so apparently I can’t set up 2 factor authentication–unless I read it wrong.

Which one? Any chance that you used your API key or token anywhere to edit DNS records?

You can get LastPass password manager, and that has a built-in 2FA feature you can use with Cloudflare.

It did it again–deleted the record I added. Honestly this was to be expected since I had not changed the way I was doing it.

I just went to the DNS tab and added it from there. I don’t think I used API or a token as I did not input them anywhere during the process.

If you don’t use the API for anything, go ahead and change your API Global Key. While you’re at it, open a Support Ticket. Maybe they can see what’s deleting the entry.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.