Added site but domain does not show up to transfer

New to Cloudflare accounts but not to domains in general.

I created a new CF account yesterday to consolidate domains that I have with a few different hosts and providers. Ultimately, the plan is to have some self-hosted sites and some via Siteground but with all using CF DNS. The internally hosted sites will not be critical and will use reverse proxy with CF or Let’s Encrypt-provisioned SSL.

After firing up the CF account, I added a .ca domain name that I have hosted with Google Domains and followed the transfer instructions. That site gets added to CF OK but does not show up in the option to transfer to CF as the domain host. There is no lock, DNSSEC is disabled etc.

As a test, I moved a different .com domain from Netfirms to CF and went through the same process and that transferred flawlessly; I paid for the transfer and that is now sat with CF.

I’ve tried removing the first domain from CF and re-adding but I get the same result. No errors, no warnings. CF seems to think that everything is OK but I want my domains under the same host and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t show up to transfer. All the troubleshooting seems to start AFTER the domain shows up under the ‘Registrar’ menu but this doain isn’t even showing up there.

Any ideas?

Canadian domains cannot be transferred yet.

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Well…that would surely do it. Not sure how I missed that as I even checked beforehand to see what they did support and just found a short list of what they didn’t, IDN’s and so on. Completely missed them not supporting a .ca domain.

That puts a hard stop on my activities as my mission-critical domains are .ca.