Added site back to Cloudflare, but can't change nameservers

Long story short: I registered my domain with Cloudflare, but I can’t change my nameservers.

Background: I was trying to host a site on DreamHost and wanted to use Cloudflare functionality, and I had to delete my site from Cloudflare to “enable” Cloudflare on DreamHost. After doing this, I realized I was not be able to edit my DNS records to point to DreamHost and needed to access the DNS records on Cloudflare… so then I added my site back to Cloudflare. Now it’s telling me I need to change my name servers from the 2 original Cloudflare nameserver URLs to 2 new ones – but I have no way to change them.

I emailed support - they told me “the zone was added on a different account. You’d need to add it to the account where you previously had the zone”. Here’s the thing… I without a doubt only have 1 Cloudflare account. After I deleted the site from Cloudflare, I re-added it less than an hour later, without even logging out, and I can see my domain name in my Registrar section, so I don’t know how it could possibly be associated with any other account.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi @ey0998 I noticed your ticket with Support. I added link to this conversation and cc’d myself on the ticket. I think this is something that Support will need to work out with you.

Ok thanks so much for your help – just wanted to check if there was an obvious solution that I was missing!

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