Added Page Rule For 301 Permanent Re Direct

I have a website address that I just want to permanently forward. I created a page rule for this but when going the url that has been forwarded you get Error 521 webserver down. Any help on what may be wrong is appreciated.

A page rule for forwarding does not hit your origin server. This implies that the page rule has an error in the URL. Can you share the URL that you are trying to match?

See attachment… hope it works

Looks good to me:

% curl --dump-header - -o /dev/null -s 2>&1 | grep HTTP
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Your page rule will only match that precise URL, so Magnus ePay - Powered by JANO Technologies, Inc. or anything else will not match. What URL are you putting into your browser?

this is a domain that was created but an actual website was never created for it. We have always just done a redirect. Not sure when it stopped working but it may have stopped for quite some time now. Thanks for trying to help me.

You have no wildcard in your page rule, so it is an exact match.

If you want to redirect everything from that domain:


Documentation on wildcard matching is here.

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Thank You. I will give this a try. How long does a change like this normally take to populate and become active?

These changes happen faster than you can close the dashboard and open another browser window to test (usually).

Thank you very much. The wildcard appears to have resolved this problem. The redirect is now working. Thank You!

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