Added Google Auth - Now Neither OTP or Google Auth Work


I have set up an Authentication Login Method adding Google to the default One-time Pin. I have successfully added and tested with a Success (see below). I’ve added to my Zero Trust Access Applications Policy Rules a “Require” Selector “Login Methods” with a value of “One-time Pin (X)” and “Google (X)”. In the “Include” section I have “Emails” selected with two email accounts. In the “Authentication” tab I show “Accept all available identity providers” enabled. When I visit the domain configured for the Access Policy in question, I am presented with a choice to use Google or a One Time Pin. When I select Google I go to Google’s site presenting my email address. I select it and then receive an error stating “That account does not have access”. I don’t understand this since I’ve tested with success the Authentication Setting. I also don’t understand why now I also can’t use the One-time Pin that had worked previously. And help with what I did wrong in the setup or other reason would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you

PS, I was only allowed as a new use to include 1 media (pic). I had two others confirming my written description of how I have set up the Policy Rules and Authentications enabled

Try remove the “Require” selector. Based on your explanation it seems like you only configured two login methods, which are Google and OTP, hence it’s not mandatory to have the “Require” selector in your policy.

@erictung Thank you. I believe that was the issue. Problem solved. I think maybe the documentation could be a little bit clearer. MPO

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