Added firewall rule to block countries and it doesn't appear to be working

Hi, I am using the Cloudflare free version and set up a firewall rule to block all countries except Canada, United States, UK, and Australia and known bots. Upon activating it, I was immediately blocked - and I’m in Canada. Have I set this up incorrectly?

FYI - I’m on a shared hosting plan and they cannot/will not restrict IP addresses coming from non-Cloudflare IPs.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it seems so. :grimacing:

Try instead to use the operator “is not in”.

If country is not in “US CA etc…”
Known-Bots is OFF
Manage Challenge

Hi, thank you very much. That seems to have worked…at least so far. Why would one select “managed challenge” vs. “block”?

With managed challenge, visitors believed by Cloudflare to be humans will see the JS challenge, where a page loads after a 5 seconds delay, a device that is supposed to block bots, while visitors deemed to be bots will se a Captcha page straight away.

You can certainly keep “block”. I prefer managed challenge for my firewall rules that are not behavior-based, as you don’t want to block legitimate visitors who might be traveling, or who might have needed to use a VPN that might have a foreign IP address. It comes down to matter of personal preference.

Ok great, thank you so much. I appreciate your time!

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