Added domain to Cloudflare - Previous Cloudflare owner's cache is loading

I’ve added a domain to Cloudflare and updated the nameserver records in the registrar. All DNS is functioning correctly and traffic shows as flowing through Cloudflare. Apparently this domain (a client site) was managed by another party prior to coming my way. They moved the domain to GoDaddy as the registrar and the nameservers were pointed at GoDaddy. I’m unsure how long ago they stopped using Cloudflare, or if they even did stop before transferring things to GoDaddy two days ago.

As it stands now, if I enable the website DNS entry for proxy traffic, the previous owner’s Cloudflare cache is being served. I’m currently running the website host as DNS Only to serve the origin page. Anyone have any ideas? Everything I’ve found in my searches say that “people can attempt to add a domain that already exists in Cloudflare but things won’t change unless you repoint to the correct nameservers. Once you do that, whatever the old account in Cloudflare that had your domain will be deleted and caching started on your new site.”

Any ideas? I’ve never encountered this issue before in all the times I’ve used CF. Weird.

Certain types of SaaS setup will take precedence over your own zone. Can you ask the previous partner to remove the domain from their Cloudflare/Partner setup?

I can see if the agency will remove it. Is there not something CF can do on the back end to kill that other instance? Clearly we own the domain and have access to everything necessary to prove it.

There is, but the fastest route is getting the old provider to remove their config.

Reaching out to the previous owner today. If we dont get a response and action, whats the best next step?

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Open a ticket with Cloudflare, and post the ticket number here. We can escalate it to get actioned.


Was actually able to get the previous agency to remove their entry. Site is working perfectly now. Thank you!

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