Added domain to Cloudflare; now have infinite redirects

I’ve added a couple of domains to Cloudflare to try it out for DNS management going forward. However, both of the websites whose domains I’ve imported to Cloudflare now have infinite redirects.

The two apps are hosted in two different locations: one is hosted by Heroku, and the other is a simple site hosted by Netlify.

Now when I try and access either websites, they’re just giving me infinite redirects.

I just imported the domain with the default settings, so what is Cloudflare doing that I should turn off so my domains start working again? As I think it’s trying to do HTTPS to HTTPS redirects and then just going in a loop.

Try following this guide Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

Step 4 is going to probably be the quickest

Enable Full or Full (Strict) mode. Learn more about all the SSL options available through Cloudflare.

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