Added domain to CloudFlare, forgot login, can't reclaim


So I added a domain to Cloudflare for testing using a Plesk plugin. I can’t remember the email address I used so I can’t recover the login to access the settings. How can I reclaim this?


If you only have that domain there for testing and you know all the DNS entries create a new account and move it, it’s faster. Otherwise contacting support I believe is your best bet.


When I try to add the domain to another account I get an error that it’s already registered. Emailed support but no reply yet but it’s not that urgent.


Well, then I would have to refer you to @ryan, you should probably contact support from the e-mail in that account, but you don’t remember which one that is, so…


That shouldn’t happen. I changed a setting that might help. Please try again, and if you get another error please grab a screenshot so I can see exactly what it’s showing.


Hi Ryan,

When trying to add to an account that holds I get this error:


There’s a typo. You’re missing the ‘i’ in Liter. Yeah, we’ve all done that…many times. :wink:


Hah, whoops. Okay, I managed to get it added to the account but now it’s asking me to update the nameserver records. I’m just trying to get it working with the Plesk plugin as a CF partner. Will it just work as is?


So now, it’s probably going to use a different pair of Cloudflare name servers. Once you get that set at your registrar, it should work.


You need to make sure the DNS entries are correct in the new account, though. Otherwise the DNS records will change and cause problems. Do this before changing name servers.


Thanks. So I’m testing this with using CF nameservers. I added a Page Rule that redirects www to domain .com and it seems to work. This was originally added via the partner plugin but I was unable to get access to the dash for it and added it to another account. I’m seeing CF headers on all pages so it looks like it’s set up correctly. Thanks for all the advice.


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