Added domain to a wrong Cloudflare account and now can't add it again

I was using Siteground to add a domain name to Cloudflare, but the email/login combination was wrong, so I guess the domain is now attached to the wrong Cloudflare account, probably non-existent one, as it was a typo in email ( instead of
Is there any way to purge my domain name from Cloudflare altogether so I can add it again to my account? Because when I try to add it again to the correct email address through Siteground it says

Failed to activate Cloudflare. Cloudflare is already activated for this domain under a different account.


Obviously your domain is being managed by third-party DNS SiteGround.

May I ask would you like to manage your domain DNS by yourself (manually) using your own Cloudflare account, or would like to via their SiteGround interface?

I would like to suggest you to try with this tool from below link:

I’d like to just manage cloudflare through sitegroud, so I don’t have to change nameservers on namecheap and deal with that.
And by purging the domain name – I mean removing my domain name from the wrong cloudflare account it is being tied now to. Hope this makes it clear

If you still have the access and if it is possible to you, below article could maybe help a bit:

Otherwise, may I ask have you tried contacting SiteGround about this issue with your domain as obviously they did manage it and now you say you would still like them to continue, if so (sorry for any missunderstanding if so in between)?

I’d be surprised if there’s actually a way to remove it from this end. I’m surprised it even added it in the first place, though what could have happened is that Siteground set up an account under the wrong email address for you. Uh…did they happen to tell you the password for that account?

My first suggestion would be to see if you could remove the Cloudflare integration at Siteground. Or ask them what that would take.

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Yeah it’s weird!
But I solved it! Apparently when Siteground attaches a domain to your Cloudflare account, they use the API and I guess in case there is no account, CF just creates a new one? I just used the misspelled email address and my password and was able to login into the CF dashboard and remove it from there.
So bizarre :upside_down_face:
Thank you for inspiring me to check :smiley:


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