Added Cloudflare Nameservers now I can not save my work. Updating Failed!

This is the 2nd TIME now. I had to switch my namesevers back as this was happening before. When I click update on WordPress it says

Updating failed. Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this post.

Also if I try to add images it says you are not allowed to add posts as this user.

Tried to disabling plugins - worked before using classic editor. Theme is GeneratePress

Is there a way to fix?

Changing the DNS is a rather drastic move that costs considerable time and effort when compared to pausing Cloudflare. You can also toggle an individual DNS record from :orange: to :grey: and it will bypass Cloudflare.

I don’t recognize the symptom you describe. Hopefully someone else will have seen this before. Otherwise you will need to perform troubleshooting steps to identify the problem.

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