Added cdn-cgi script on my pages

Just today I noticed my web site pages had a blank/black space added to the top. I thought perhaps my site had been hacked, so I looked at my files and they were okay, but I looked at the page sources and I saw this was added:

script src="/cdn-cgi/apps/head/XnirC4GdeZN3FWn0wns3htVjXj0.js"

I am assuming Cloudflare is adding this, which I guess is fine except that it adds that annoying space on top. What is this line and how do I deal with it?

I believe that path is related to Cloudflare apps. Do you have the welcome bar app installed by chance?

Yes, but I haven’t touched Cloudflare in months/years! It says it was installed 15 days ago. Did Cloudflare Corp. do all this by judicial fiat or what do you think happened?

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We’re not opposed to doing things by fiat (such as providing universal SSL to all our legacy customers when we rolled it out or defaulting all new accounts to supporting IPv6), but in this case I asked the apps team to check the logs and it appears that you’d had the welcome app installed from our (now) legacy apps platform and we migrated it to the new apps platform on 2017-07-17T23:34:43.566Z.

Different code base for the app so that could account for the difference you’re seeing in the UI. Sorry for the inconvenience there… should be able to either uninstall the app or modify the settings to whatever might work/looks reasonable to you.

OK, that makes sense and explains the “installed 15 days ago” thing. I uninstalled it. Thanks for explaining that.

But to shift the topic slightly, and this is more for your benefit - the old Welcome App must have, when nothing was inputted into the HTML code area, had no effect on a rendered page. That must have been my case, I must have enabled the Welcome app and entered nothing in (that was what I saw when I looked at it before I uninstalled it), and of course there was no effect on my pages.

But the new Welcome App seems to influence a rendering of a perhaps 20px blank/black space at the top of a page even when nothing is entered into the Welcome code. That’s why I noticed it.

Should that be the behavior? I certainly wouldn’t like that. I mean, the Welcome App would be nice to put in temporary messages, but during normal times not have anything - but I’d hate to uninstall the App just to not have anything - as it is now, as I mentioned, when no code is entered, it still influences what the pages look like.

Or am I missing something?

Well it’s the behavior that is previewed currently, so I guess it wouldn’t be unexpected behavior for someone who wasn’t migrated from the old one. But I do see your point and I will pass along the feedback to the apps team. At the moment uninstalling the app is the behavior required not to have the blank bar.

For what it’s worth the welcome bar is one of the apps that has the most feature requests associated with it and I have been begging the apps team not to implement any of them. I think it’s an app type ripe for someone other than Cloudflare to come in and build a feature rich solution with:

  • Timed appearance (not before xx or after xxxx).
  • Rotating Messages
  • Rotating Links
  • Appear every nn page views
  • Allow dismissal for ever/today/x days
  • Font styling
  • css for buttons
  • rss integration
  • other value added features

For the most part the sample apps we’ve built are intended to meet the useful bar. While there are plenty of great (and legitimate) enhancement requests, we hope in the long run other app developers will step in to provide better solutions to ours.


i have the same thing, for like 2 weeks, i have a script on my website from Cloudflare

this script is not cached, so my google score is low because of this only script that is not cached by Cloudflare and my ISP

how can i fix this ?

You can turn off Email Obfuscation in Cloudflare’s Scrape Shield tab. That’s what that script is for.


wow thanks, i-ve searched the entired dashboard of Cloudflare, but i`ve missed this… silly me :slight_smile:

i though it was something related with Argo function

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Where I can found this in Cloudflare Dashboard?

Thank You

Thanks, I found. ^_^’

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We have another script cache issues Google page speed insights:

Which app it could be?

Thank you

@benny.a which Apps do you have installed on your Cloudflare website?

I see these are all the items enables/ON.

Email Address Obfuscation
Server-side Excludes

Google Analytics
Cookie Consent

IP Geolocation
Page Rules - RocketLoader
Browser Integrity Check

That type of URL is related to the specific Cloudflare Apps you have installed - so this will be either Google Analytics or Cookie Consent - the others are first party Cloudflare features.

If the issue you’re seeing is related to the cache TTL provided by the apps JS files, this is not something you can currently control, but you can request this via the app developer using the contact button in the App store.

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Google Page Speed Insights says this cdn-bgi script is blocking render resources by 0.37 seconds, due to a file called [cdn-cgi/apps/head/5rDq21pVFeMbk2nJW7T79Dkav0.js](Domain Parked With VentraIP Australia existing…

I switched off Email Obfuscation & Server-side Excludes within Scrapeshield (as suggested on this Community forum), but the error still displays on Google Page Speed Insights.

I do use Google Analytics as a Cloudfare App (based on Cloudfare’s recommedation of speeding things up over having a WP Google Analytics plugin).

Is this cdn-bgi script still present because I use Google Analytics as a Cloudfare App?

Which is the best performance outcome?

  1. Google Analytics as a Cloudfare App?
  2. Google Analytics as a Header code within Wordpress?

I removed the Google Analytics App on Cloudfare - it’s badly written because it is not written Asynchronously. The Google Analytics App on Cloudfare was blocking Rendering at the top.

I installed GA using Google’s Asynchronous code directly into Wordpress itself.

This now removes the error on PageSpeed Insight’s.

Seems like Google’s Asynchronous code directly into Wordpress is the superior solution. it’s way faster now!

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