Added cdn-cgi script on my page

Just yesterday I noticed my web site pages had a code added. I thought perhaps my site had been hacked,

so I looked at my files and found infected .php files that someone upload on my ftp.

I removed the malicious .php file.

Unfortunately could not look what was in the php file because my antivirus software prevented it: message (PhpSpy.A Trojan)

But still now i get an malicious (popup) that these files caused before.i dont get rit of it!

List of javascripts included




List of iframes included

If i deactivate Cloudflare cdn the codes will not be executed, only via active Cloudflare cdn.

Im using vbulletin 4.2.0 and php version 5.3.29

Urgently need help. Thanks!

Can you post the URL where you found these links? I’d expect these files to be included only when the challenge is displayed.

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