Added a subdomain - took my entire website offline?

So we had our website and docs site working fine. Then we tried to add the sub domain as a CNAME for a game with the information: ‘www’ ‘’ , and this resulted in our entire website going offline. This includes our other site Since all we did was add this record and it broke the entire chain of records we figured just removing it should fix the issue however our website is still offline. What should we do?

The domain doesn’t use Cloudflare…

Seems nameservers were changed away from Cloudflare today (see

Thats weird because we definitely do. I just spoke with my colleague who said he did something with GoDaddy’s DNSSEC settings which I believe broke things. Any reccomendation on restoring it to Cloudflare?

You are not using Cloudflare nameservers, they are currently set to Godaddy ones so your Cloudflare settings don’t do anything now. My guess, you changed the nameservers to Cloudflare, things didn’t resolve properly as you didn’t update the DS records to Cloudflare, then your colleague set the nameservers back to Godaddy.

Disable DNSSEC at Godaddy, then set the Cloudflare nameservers back again at Godaddy. You can re-enable DNSSEC afterwards by enabling it on Cloudflare and copying the DS records from here to Godaddy…

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The name servers were indeed set back to Go Daddy. I just re entered the Cloudflare name servers on Go Daddy and am awaiting the system to update now. Thank you very much for your help so far! Will provide an update if it resolves

Site is back online. Wish they had a tipping function on here, thank you for your help sir!

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