Added a site that already had an SSL then upon adding to Cloudflare the site went down

Today I added a site that already had a valid SSL and for some reason, it took the site down, no big deal because I just adjusted the name servers back to original and it came back up, however, I do not understand why that would happen. I even went into the Cloudflare SSL settings and turned the SSL to off, was this wrong? I tried it with ‘full’ and ‘flexible’ settings but nothing solved it. I have done this in the past with a site from the exact same host and it worked perfect, I even duplicated the settings.

At first the error said: SSL ERROR NO CYPHER OVERLAP, then after messing with the settings I got the too many redirects error.

Any ideas? Thank you!

It should be ON and use full SSL (you need SSL installed on your server). Here is community tip for the error:

Ok thank you and I’m sorry if I was confusing, so above I mentioned that at first I did do it with full, then flexible, then I ended up turning it off, so yep I did try it with full…so kinda back to original question.

  • Also I did already find the tip you suggested before posting, but it didn’t seem to help me. Thank you for answering.

If you know what is going on, you can better decide to how use Cloudflare (CF) services.
This is how your website is accessed without CF:

And using CF as a proxy it looks like:

Look at communication between CF and your server (purple rectangle):

Communication between CF and your server could be:

  1. Insecure: You don’t have SSL on your server => Flexible SSL
  2. Secure: You have self-signed SSL on your server. It is better than #1=> Full
  3. Secure: You have valid SSL on your server. Best => Full Strict

Before proxying (using :orange:) your traffic via CF check your website to have a green pad lock (when CF is :grey:), if you have it you can use Full Strict mode.


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