Added a New Website to CloudFlare

HI There

i need some help i am a newbie ,

As advised by a friend of mine , i added my website to CloudFlare , and i set up all the name server settings as advised on the set up video

and change the name servers in dream host

now my website is unavailable, but things look ok inside my cloud flare account,

My website url is

can some one advice me what i have done wrong

Perfect time to start using the search :wink:

These issues have been discussed a gazillion times :slight_smile:

Your issue is described at Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS, however it might not be fully applicable in your case as here it seems to be a server-side issue. You redirect from your naked domain to ā€œwwwā€ and then back again to the naked domain. That is something you need to fix on your server.

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