Added a new domain and it loads a different domain

Purchased a new domain, and added it to my Cloudflare account. Pointed this domain to my Inmotionhosting VPS as an addon domain to one of my c-panels - empty directory

When you enter in the browser, it immediately loads, a domain I’ve owned for over 10 years.

There are no forwarding rules used. Need a correct answer for this

You may be in for some disappointment. Or I might get lucky and get it right.

Your other domain, since it begins with an “a”, might be the first in the server’s config, so an unidentified domain request to that server will be served the “default” domain (first in the list).

For now, Pause Cloudflare (lower right corner of the Overview page) and wait five minutes. Then see if you can load the https version of your site. I expect not. But let us know what shows up.

This issue has yet to be resolved! There is no reason that should still resolve to since this has been an issue for 24 days,

This was not an answer.