Add x-robots-tag: noindex to deafult subdomain for Hugo website

Hi there, I am currently using a custom domain for my cloudfare pages website. I would like only my custom domain to be indexed by search engines & not the default subdomain. How can I add x-robots-tag: noindex header to my subdomain, so that it’s not indexed.
Is it not something which should happen by default once a custom domain has been connected ?
I have recently shifted from Netlify. Here is how Netlify handles this :
Improved SEO with canonical link headers - Features - Netlify Support Forums.

Pretty sure the HTML head tag <link rel="canonical" ... suffices. There’s no need to worry about that header as long as you build your site correctly.

Create a headers file called _headers with this in and push to build:*
  X-Robots-Tag: noindex

Full details can be found here:

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Hi @whistles thanks for pitching in. I tried that but the header is not appearing.

I created the _headers file at root. That should be fine right ?

Why does the documentation say like this ? Where should it be then ?

The _headers file should not always be in the root directory of the repository.

Thanks for the alternate solution. But I think a more direct solution is given by @whistles .

It should be in the Output directory, usually that is the main branch

I am using Hugo as my SSG. Currently _headers file is at the root of main branch.

Just realized that the documentation here suggests to use colon syntax to do exactly this.*
  X-Robots-Tag: noindex

Tried this as well, but still not seeing the header.

In the same documentation here, it is mentioned that:

Create a _headers plain text file in the output folder of your project. It is usually the folder that contains the deploy-ready HTML files and assets generated by the build, such as favicons.

Thus for Hugo it should be in the static folder (the output directory) & not at the root of repo (like Netlify’s _header).
This solved the problem.



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