Add www. to a link?


I’ve added a subdomain to my domain name successfully.

How can I add the www. to the created subdomain?

Https:// is working
Https:// is working
Https:// is working
Https:// is NOT working ?

Does this make sense?
Can someone please guide me on this?

Hoping to get the last in the list working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If any questions let me know.

Thank you,


The standard Universal Certificates cover one level of subdomain only.

To get more, you need to use Advanced Certificate Manager (a $10 a month paid add on), or use a Custom Certificate (on Business and Enterprise Plans.)


Sweet, thank you!

Signing up now

Hey Michael,

Signed up, paid the bill, saved the advanced certificate (without any changes) and still can’t figure out how to get it to work?

Is there a setup video or instructions somewhere on how I can get the second level subdomain setup correctly?

I added a CNAME www.subdomain and it’s says proxied but when I type it all out in the browser I get the same “can’t open page, can’t establish a secure connection to the server”

I’m targeting this into SamCart if that make a difference?

Any idea?



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