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My website makefreecallsonline .com was fully integrated with Cloudflare. I decided to try ezonic (cloudflafe partner) and used their name servers to integrarte the service. Ezonic integration is complete.

On Cloudflare dashboard
Makefreecallsonline .com is showing as “name server change pending” and is not recognising the ezonic name servers as cloud flares and so can not add website to zone

Can someone please help?

Since you’ve moved the name servers to the Ezoic platform, you will now have to deal with them directly, including e.g. be coordinating your changes of DNS record(s) through their platform.

Yep, since you do not have your own (previous) name servers any more, from the time it “was fully integrated”, to use your own words, that is exactly what will happen.

The current name servers for the mentioned domain are: 172800 IN      NS 172800 IN      NS 172800 IN      NS 172800 IN      NS

These are NOT Cloudflare name servers, but name severs hosted on Amazon’s network.

Here is what the site displays (to me) though:

Switch the name servers back, if you want to use Cloudflare directly.

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Switch them back if you want to use Ezoic with Cloudflare integration, too. When using Cloudflare with Ezoic you use your own Cloudflare account, not Ezoic nameservers. It is important to manage your DNS only from Ezoic when you use their Cloudflare integration.

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