Add website is missing account

Hi, I log into my new account and click Websites on left side. Which brings me to a page where I can click Get Started. I click that, but get a page where I cannot select an account or search for anything.
I check jconsole and it shows following error " Error: DeepLink: accountResolver: memberships empty"

Does anyone know what is going on? I would like to add my domain to cloudflare and eventually move my domain to cloudflare registar.

I suspect the issue you encountered was related to an earlier issue we were experiencing. Can you clear cache & cookies and try again from incognito mode?

If you keep getting the issue, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

@cloonan , I cleared cache and used incognito tab. Still no go.
Also, when I click the link you provided, it just brings me to the page “Accounts”
I also click, support ->Contact Cloudflare, which is the same URL you provided but it just loads a blank white page for my user.
I get same error on that page too
DeepLink: waitForPageAction user navigated away from “/” to “/?to=/:account/support”
Error: DeepLink: accountResolver: memberships empty

Something went wrong when my account was created. It seems I have an account, but I don’t or something.

Tried in FireFox latest, Edge latest and Chrome latest. all same issue. Is there a way to delete my entire account and start over?

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BTW my issues appears to be identical to this one Unable to add (any) domain to account - #5 by cloonan

I will create a ticket on your behalf and you’ll receive a copy of it. The ticket is 3200969 and you can reply via email to add details to the ticket.

@user41015 I’d advise against removing the account and starting over as I suspect you’ll hit the same issue and probably some others that will affect your site. To answer your question, if you can access this link I suspect you could scroll down to the Delete this user option. But again, I’d really suggest against doing that before the team has a chance to help you.

I’ll flag your ticket and post for my colleagues.

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thanks @cloonan , hopefully it is something simple. I will watch my email for info


Hi @user41015,

I am following up on your case via ticket: #3200969.
It is currently sent to your email: [email protected].

As this involves account management and also trouble is related to your account provisioning, Community would not be the proper place to discuss this.

Let us continue on the ticket.
I already have the internal Engineering ticket created, please wait for an update via ticket #3200969.

Thank you.


Thank you @oshariff you are amazing! @user41015 you are in good hands, I am copied on the ticket and will track progress.

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Thanks guys, let me know if you need me to try again.


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Hi @user41015,

I can see that this issue is now solved, and the ticket is now closed.

I wish you a great day.

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