Add website as Business it only gives Free Plan and cannot change

I have added a website and chose the Business Plan because I need a feature under Advanced Actions “Convert to CNAME DNS Setup”. The web site currently Pending but the pricing Tier is on Free have tried to change to Business multiple times and was prompted with the annual cost but it isn’t changing to Business it’s still Free. :frowning:

Can you share the name of the zone you upgraded to the Business Plan? Is it in the account you are using here? Sometimes, the UI doesn’t reflect the plan upgrade immediately. To verify your upgrade, you should check the confirmation email sent by Cloudflare or cross-verify it on your billing page from Cloudflare Dashboard.

Yes, it is in the account I am using. Take note this is a new site that I have just added it’s still in pending as I don’t need the full domain to be transfer but only subdomains that’s why upon the addition of the site I have selected the Business Plan so I do have the required features under Advanced Actions that I have mentioned earlier.

Sorry for the issues you’re encountering, can you open a Billing ticket with Support and share your ticket number here if you continue to not see the upgrade? You can open a Billing ticket here,

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