Add this domain to hosting site

add this domain to already establsited hosting site

Can you please provide a better explanation of what you are trying to accomplish @road2resilient


I need help with connecting or forwarding the domain I purchased to my main hosting site.

Is your domain already added to your Cloudflare account?

I am new to this jargon.

All I know is I was referred here to get a domain and to upload it to hosting site.

Yet it is not uploaded. The domain is purchased with cloudflare so it should be in the account

By whom? What directions have they provided?

You aren’t giving us much to work with. It makes it difficult to provide you with helpful answers.

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I purchased 1 week ago a domain here at cloudflare. i would like to forward this domain to my already existing hosting site. need assistance.

i need help.
purchased domain here. need to transfer or forward it to my goddaady acct. thanks for help

need to unlock domain in order to transfer it to goddaddy

You will not be able to transfer out until the sixty day lock period passes. If you want to redirect to another domain, I recommend this guide.

If you are hosting a site using the domain, you can create the DNS as usual.


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