Add subdomains

There is a way to add subdomains on cloudflare?

Do you mean regular hostnames or proper sub-domains?


I intend subdomains like

I intend simply add a subdomain to cloudflare ad a domain

So you want to delegate domains to third party nameservers?

In that case you simply create an NS record and point it to the nameserver which you want to manage that domain in the future. That’s it.

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No i intend subdomains where I am not the owner of the domain

I am not sure what you are saying. You said you want to add sub-domains, in that case you need to follow the previously mentioned steps.

If you want to add regular hosts, then you already did so → Universal SSL Is not working on subdimains

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I intend do THIS

As the message says, that is not possible.

Respectively it’s only possible with a Business plan and a CNAME setup.

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Ah ok thank you


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