Add subdomain

i can not add the subdomain

the attached pic shows the problem

can you help me?

  1. That CNAME is clearly a circular reference. The name “mirror” expands to, which is what you’re trying to point it to.

  2. If you prepend www to a subdomain, your free SSL certificate won’t work, as they only cover and * Not *.* You would need the dedicated certificate with custom hostnames.

I also don’t see an attempt at adding a www for that subdomain, but it’s doable.

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i removed www from subdomain but no ssl was found

The subdomain appears to be set to :grey: rather than :orange:

how can i add subdomain (mirror) refers to

You should add a DNS record in Cloudflare pointing to your origin server.

Currently mirror redirects to www.mirror which, as @sdayman said is not covered by your Cloudflare cert.

now there is no www
my question is what this dns record should be?

You would have to check with your host. It should probably be the same as for your main domain but just with the name of the subdomain.

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