Add SSL through my hosting provider and the website is working



Hi all,

I’ve just added SSL to my website through Hostmonster and my website stopped working, I’ve changed the setting on my Cloudflare dash to Full (strict) but the site is still down giving me host information. How long does it take for the SLL type configuration to change?

Anybody can help me?

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It does not appear that hostmonster has configured your site to listen on port 443. You will need to ask them to make a change to enable the site to listen on that port.


Thanks cscharff, I reached out to Hostmonster support and they said that their certificate only works with Namservers pointing to their hosting. and suggested that I upload the SSL certificate I bought through them to cloudflare website. is this possible?



Can you politely ask them to escalate your case to someone else because the person you’re speaking to is just wrong. When I curl the site directly bypassing Cloudflare using the command below I get the same page. Where the nameservers are hosted doesn’t matter the configuration is wrong.

curl -k --resolve

Have them run the command above substituting the IP address for where your website is hosted and then ask them to explain what difference it makes where your nameservers are hosted. It doesn’t. The site is configured incorrectly and they should fix it and stop talking nonsense.


Thanks Cscharff,
I asked them to cancel my SSL certificate and they did and refunded me, the ip issue was related to a change in my IP due to the cancellation of the Certificate and the associated IP, so I changed the settings in Cloud-flare to point to the new ip and Im back online.

Thanks for your help, I will be using Cloudflare shared SSL for the time being.




Great! Glad it is now working. I’m now drooling over your photos. I can’t read Arabic, but my son does… so I’ll share the site with him as well.



Thanks for your help Cscharff :slight_smile: and the nice comments about the website.

Drop my line if you or your son ever plan to visit Jordan - Middle East!
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