Add SquareSpace site as a Subdomain

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I have been referencing this guide in order to get my new SquareSpace site linked up to Cloudflare:

All is well and good with the verify(dot)squarespace(dot)com entry, but it is where we get into the A and CNAME records that I am getting lost. NOT A DNS PRO HERE haha!

What I am wanting is to get the new SquareSpace site to sit at for example, without any changes affecting any of the other subdomains, or the primary domain.
When I put in the A records with marketing as the name and the SquareSpace IPs, that works fine. BUT when I go to put in the CNAME also with marketing as the name, CloudFlare throws and error. And I see that the A records are supposed to be @, and then CNAME records are supposed to be www, but I believe that is for a primary domain, not a subdomain, so could someone help me sort through these entries please?

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SquareSpace through Cloudflare is not a recommended configuration (per SquareSpace).

Yes, thanks, but it is possible, based on the article from Cloudflare. My question is on how to structure the A and CNAME records correctly for a subdomain ( vs the base domain configuration provided.

They show:
A cloudflarecontent(dot)com
CNAME www ext-cust(dot)squarespace(dot)com

And what I am needing is some help “translating” that to point to my marketing(dot)mysite(dot)com subdomain, as opposed to www. I am not sure what to put in place of the www in CNAME, and I think I just need to put marketing in as the Name for the A Record. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

Ok, let’s take a look at that CNAME error Cloudflare is showing. Can you post a screenshot of that error?

@ is the root domain, so you won’t be doing that. A website subdomain’s A or CNAME record will have a name of ‘subdomain’ (no quotes). Nothing else. So, just “marketing”, and a value of an IP address if it’s an “A” record, or a hostname at SquareSpace if it’s a CNAME.

There you can see our other subdomains, admin, stream, test, www, etc that are all working fine.

So I have added in A records with marketing and the IPs that SquareSpace gives me.

But then for the CNAME I am unsure what to put in there, as I guess it can’t also be “marketing”?

SquareSpace says it should be “www” but I that is for the top level domain I believe, so I can’t do that, right?

(Double-check before proceeding): Was your ‘marketing’ SquareSpace site already working with just the “A” records?

If not…then proceed:

Try getting rid of all those marketing “A” records and just use the CNAME. But SquareSpace also needs to agree that your site will be served from the “marketing” subdomain so it knows to respond to that hostname.

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Nope, with just the A records going to just takes me to the homepage.

Nothing I have done has gotten the SS site to load up.

I guess I am confused then cuz the Cloudlflare link says that we have to use all 6 entries, 4 A records 1 CNAME for and another CNAME for

I’ll try with just the CNAME and marketing and see what happens

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Nope, same same. It just dumps me back to the homepage

You could give this a try:

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Nice! That answers my question on how to format the CNAME, thank you!

When I linked the Domain I used, do I need to put in the subdomain name that I am linking instead? Ie

I just re-read the page you sent and it does say to list the subdomain, so I just changed that.

It also says to remove any other A Records as they may interfere…but I have other subdomains on my site that I still need, so removing those other A Records is not an option for me. Do you think that it will still work after it has had a few days to propegate?

I think they meant any other A record for your marketing subdomain, like the ones you had before. The other subdomains shouldn’t interfere on anything.


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