Add sites to CF


We own a web server, one which we host 286 websites. Most of them are wordpress sites.

We would like to add all those sites to CF in order to have better performance and security.

A few questions beforehand:

  1. What is the best plan to use for our case?

  2. Is there any cost using the Free plan?

  3. What about the websites that already have SSL Certificates? Any actions need to be done in order for the SSL to work after adding the sites to CF?

  4. I added 3 sites in CF under a free plan. I noticed that the A Record has changed. It does not shown our server’s IP anymore but 2 other IPs. Is this normal? Will those IP change again in the future?

  5. Is it better to create a different account for each website? Or add all websites under one global account?

That’s for now.

Looking forward to your replies.

Thank you now much in advance!

That really comes down to your requirements.

Not with the basic service, unless you use some additional paid services.

First, you need to keep them. Second, there shouldnt be any additional actions necessary, you simply will have an additional certificate for that domain on Cloudflare’s proxy server as well.

Thats how Cloudflare works.

AFAIK as a host you are not supposed to sign up your customers under your own account. You might want to sign up as Cloudflare hosting partner instead. That is something you should clarify with their support team


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Is it necessary to install Cloudflare plugin on my WordPress websites?

AFAIK it is not, it simply adds some conveniency but it is not required. However I am not overly familiar with Wordpress.


Thank you so much.

I am relatively new with Cloudflare, and since i will go ahead and add all of our websites there, i need to be totally clear of how it works.

So, sorry for the many questions :slight_smile:

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