Add sites That are already with a Cloudflare Partner

Have other sites on Cloudflare that are hosted by Cloudflare partner i.e. Hosting Nation.
However, when trying to add two more sites it keeps saying pending domain name server update?

Hi @lesadx, if you’re signed up on a partial plan via a Cloudflare partner, they manage your DNS records and typically there is no need to change your name servers. If you sign up directly through Cloudflare, you need to point your name servers to those assigned to the account after you add the zone to Cloudflare. It sounds as if you went the second route and we’re waiting to see a change.

Can you share the name of the domain here?

Thanks for that.
Domains are: and


Hi @lesadx, thank you. The first site has some history on Cloudflare,

But, it’s not on Cloudflare at the moment:

$ dig ns +short

If you’ve changed your name servers in the past 24 hours, it may just be a matter of time. If they were changed a while ago, you may have an issue and I’d check out this tip, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”.

The second domain, shows no Cloudflare history, Is that site active via a partner?

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