Am new to Cloud Flare (CF) !

When i’m try to add my domain which has already existed for years and is hosted in KINSTA, it says invalid domain ?

Im up for a PRO plan, but i will get support only on a paid plan without adding a domain CF doesnt allow me to pay ?

Can anyone let me know what i’m doing wrong ?

Kindly help !

Post a screenshot. And did you use the search? That topic has been addressed quite a few times actually.


I just made a blunder… typing with https and www throws that error.

when am trying to go simple as it went through…

I have got another query as well.

We are running an ecommerce store with 50000 (five hundered thousand visitors monthly) — will pro plan be sufficient to start with.

Thanks in advance !

50,000 or 500,000? The Pro plan should work fine on that. You need to make sure your server can handle that, but that’s certainly a different subject.

Oops !

Sorry 50,000 visitors !

That’s 1,700 a day and no issue for the Pro plan.

Make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS before adding it and you should be fine.

Yes, it is loading fine with https:// with Kinsta plan !

Thank you for the quick replies, cheers mate !

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