Add Site issues

I don’t got a domain I tryed to add Google as a domain but it did not work for me so can some one help me.

Why would you add Google as a domain? It doesn’t belong to you.

Oh my bad, but can you help me I need a domain but I can’t affford one. so I need a free one

You can try Freenom, but they are often difficult to manage. Not impossible, though. It’s usually worth the $10/year to get a reputable domain registration from somewhere else.

Or can we use an example domain?

You can’t add a domain that doesn’t belong to you.

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alright I got that ,can we just not do the domain is that even possible?
or can I put I got it from tutorial video from cloudflare will that affect anything?


Which Cloudflare feature are you trying to use?

I got it from the video it should be the first video ‘‘Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website’’.

Do you have a website?

Here’s a thought. With a GitHub account (Free), and Pages (also free), you can build a static site and host it on a subdomain.

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No I don’t have a website.

You know the Framework preset what should I set it as?

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