Add site error “The zone name provided is subject to a hold

I am getting the following error when I try to create new site:

The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone. Please contact the domain owner to have this hold removed

domain name: as64134 dot net

You need to release the domain hold. See

I don’t have any zone holds, or any zones at all, my account is free cloudflare account that does not have access to zone holds.

This is a cloudflare problem same as in this case

Hi there,

This domain is indeed on another account which is tied to an Enterprise (Premium) Support account.

I am not able to provide any further information.
If you do own the domain, I would suggest working through the Registrar to move it out of Cloudflare and consider future actions, but as of now Cloudflare Support is not able to assist on this.

Thank you.

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