Add second autodiscover CNAME record

Currently I already have one CNAME autodicover record

But now I need to add another CNAME record from these instructions: Set up DNS records for Cloud Office email -

If I try to add the second autodiscover record, I get an error saying that I cannot have two CNAME records with the same name. I understand that I cannot have two records with the same name, but how do I get it working?

I need the second record so I can set up more email addresses on Rackspace, and so others can email to Rackspace email addresses.

Any thoughts / suggestions?

Are you doing some migration or?
Maybe using a SRV type? :thinking:
Or two A records pointed to IP → but different IP and systems, I am afraid this might not work well.

So, the story is a bit long :smiley:

  • My domain in on GoDaddy
  • I have Office 365 - personal
  • If my domain is in on GoDaddy, Office 365 allows me to add one email address ending with my domain on GoDaddy
  • Now I need to add more email addresses with domain which is with GoDaddy
  • My host provides inexpensive email service through Rackspace, which is the option which I would like to use
  • I just purchase another email from GoDaddy, but even that is not working. If I add all the records, they are asking me to add, my current email (the one I got for free through Office 365) is not working.

I know it is complicated

I do need my email to be with exchange so I can have my emails in outlook.

Now I don’t know what to do.

Is it even possible to have more than one email host for the same domain?

Who your Registrar or DNS host is is not really relevant to this setup.

Exchange (on-prem, hosted or Offie 365) has no dependancy on Outlook or vice-versa. Outlook is just a mail client (or personal information manager as some people like to call it). You can use Outlook as a client with lots of different email systems, and you can use lots of different email clients with Exchange.

Yes, but not really by publishing multiple MX records, autodiscover records etc.

The usual solution where you want multiple email hosts is to have one configured as the receiving email server. Within that email server, you then configure (perhaps with a Transport rule and/or connector) how the mailboxes hosted on your other platforms gets routed. This is probably way too complicated for your setup. I used to have O365, Google and on-prem Exchange in my setup. It was a pain in the behind. Much easier to have one mail host.

The solution seems to be to pick one mail host, and migrate the one existing mailbox to that provider. Once you have created a replacement mailbox for your one user, migrate the mailbox content, and then change all the relevant DNS records to point to your new provider.

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Thanks for your response @michael

I spoke with GoDaddy support (awesome support).

Support guy said there can be only one email host, multiple maybe possible, but the support guy didn’t even go there. At least now I know :slight_smile:

I’ll upgrade my O365 personal to family, which will give me 5 additional emails, later if I need more, I simply will need to purchase additional from MS.

Also, bummer that I cannot use Cloudflare’s email aliases with my current DNS records.

It would be really nice if Cloudflare let you “peel off” a few addresses, and forward everything else to a default server. (Essentially that is what you do with the multiple server setup I described everywhere.)

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